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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 D-LINE Safe-D F-Clips • Flat-form, flexible, foldable, fire rated • Pocket friendly & space efficient • Versatile, shape as required • For trunking & direct to surface • Can also be used as a cable tie base • >1200°C melting point • F-Clip 40 & F-Clip 50 have a locking feature – hold cables securely Part Code Description Size Pack Qty SAFEDFCLIP30/100 F-Clip 30 25mm+ Trunking 100 SAFEDFCLIP40/50 F-Clip 40 38mm+ Trunking 50 SAFEDFCLIP50/50 F-Clip 50 50mm+ Trunking 50 Safe-D U-Clips Safe-D Conduit Saddles Safe-D Drill Bit Safe-D D-Fixing Safe-D Stag Clips Safe-D Retro Clips Safe-D Spring Clip Safe-D XLPE Cable Clips Part Code Description Size Pack Qty SAFE-D30/100 U-Clip 30 25mm+ Trunking 100 SAFE-D30/RED U-Clip 30 Red Direct to surface 100 SAFE-D40/50 U-Clip 40 38mm+ Trunking 50 SAFE-D50/50 U-Clip 50 50mm+ Trunking 50 • Simply fix, fold, fasten • 10 million+ installed • Pliable side-tabs, no sharp edges, thumb friendly • Labour saving, stylish one-piece design • Simply wrap around conduit • Requires one fixing only • Secure with locking tab • 3mm stand-off above base Part Code Description Size Pack Qty SAFE-DCOND20/20 Conduit Saddle 20 Galv. 20mm 20 SAFE-DCOND20W/20 Conduit Saddle 20 White 20mm 20 SAFE-DCOND20B/20 Conduit Saddle 20 Black 20mm 20 SAFE-DCOND25/20 Conduit Saddle 25 Galv. 25mm 20 SAFE-DCOND25W/20 Conduit Saddle 25 White 25mm 20 SAFE-DCOND25B/20 Conduit Saddle 25 Black 25mm 20 • Adjustable; select notch, then wrap around cable • Labour saving design, stylish appearance • Secure with locking tab • 3mm stand-off above base Part Code Description Cable Ø Pack Qty SD-CAB10/20 XLPE/SWA Cable Clip Galv. 10-15mm. 20 SD-CAB10B/20 XLPE/SWA Cable Clip Black 10-15mm 20 SD-CAB16/20 XLPE/SWA Cable Clip Galv. 16-21mm 20 SD-CAB16B/20 XLPE/SWA Cable Clip Black 16-21mm 20 SD-CAB22/20 XLPE/SWA Cable Clip Galv. 22-26mm 20 SD-CAB22B/20 XLPE/SWA Cable Clip Black 22-26mm 20 • Secure cables <7mm o/d • 50mm length, adjustable angle to suit cable requirements • For direct to beams & joists; & inside micro trunking lengths • 5mm diameter eyelet for screw fixing • Made of tensioned sprung steel • Fire rated, no need for wallplug • Produced from hardened steel • High pull-out performance • For consumer units also • >1200°C melting point • Secure outside 16 x 16mm or 25 x 16mm trunkings • Requires one screw-fixing only • Fully tested & fire rated • Push smooth head in 5.5mm pilot hole • Can be first-fixed before inserting cables • Head sections overlap for secure hold • No screw or wallplug required. • 4mm x 75mm masonry drill bit • Straight shank Part Code Description For Cables: Pack Qty SAFEDSPRING/50 Spring-Clip <7mm Ø 50 Part Code Description For Trunking: Pack Qty SD-RETRO1/50 Retro Clip, Size 1 16 x 16mm 50 SD-RETRO2/50 Retro Clip, Size 2 25 x 16mm 50 Part Code Description Size: Pack Qty DFIX/100 D-Fixing Fire Rated Screws 40mm 100 Part Code Description Size: Pack Qty 4mmDRILL Masonry Drill Bit 4 x 75mm 1 Part Code Description For Cables: Pack Qty SD-STAG6S/50 Stag-Clip 6-8mm Single Galv. 1 x 6-8mm 50 SD-STAG6SR/50 Stag-Clip 6-8mm Single Red 1 x 6-8mm 50 SD-STAG6SB/50 Stag-Clip 6-8mm Single Black 1 x 6-8mm 50 SD-STAG6T/50 Stag-Clip 6-8mm Twin Galv. 2 x 6-8mm 50 SD-STAG6TR/50 Stag-Clip 6-8mm Twin Red 2 x 6-8mm 50 SD-STAG6TB/50 Stag-Clip 6-8mm Twin Black 2 x 6-8mm 50 SD-STAG8S/50 Stag-Clip 8-10mm Single Galv. 1 x 8-10mm 50 SD-STAG8SR/50 Stag-Clip 8-10mm Single Red 1 x 8-10mm 50 SD-STAG8SB/50 Stag-Clip 8-10mm Single Black 1 x 8-10mm 50 SD-STAG8T/50 Stag-Clip 8-10mm Twin Galv. 2 x 8-10mm 50 SD-STAG8TR/50 Stag-Clip 8-10mm Twin Red 2 x 8-10mm 50 SD-STAG8TB/50 Stag-Clip 8-10mm Twin Black 2 x 8-10mm 50